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शान्ति तथा पुनर्निर्माण मन्त्रालय

फोन नं. ४२११५५०, ४२११०८९, ४२१११८९

Audio Notice No. 1618 01 4211097
वेभः www.peace.gov.np



Provide effective assistance to build a beautiful, peaceful and new Nepal through lasting and sustainable peace building.



Play a catalytic role through its institutional, procedural and technical activities for the end of the present chapter of violence and towards the enhancement of sustainable peace and developmental activities.



  • Support initiatives for constructive conflict management.
  • Conduct Discussion programs, Workshops and Interactions and Trainings to sustain peace.
  • Promote the participation and integrity of all sphere of society in the peace process of Nepal.
  • Environmental development of International support and cooperation to peace.
  • Support to GON in formulating and executing policies and strategies to sustain the peace process.
  • Catalytic role to construct the action plans of conflict management, immediate relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  • Recommendation and advisory role in formulating policies and strategies required for the peace and consensus building.