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फोन नं. ४२११५५०, ४२११०८९, ४२१११८९

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Official Nominations

Study Tour

Country:              Republic of Guatemala and Spain

Date:                     25 November -3 December 2013

List of Participants

1. Dhan Bahadur Tamang, Secretary , MoPR

2. Sadhu Ram Sapkota, Joint Secretary (Law), MoPR

3. Laxmi Sharan Ghimire, Joint Secretary, MoPR

4. Bharat Prasad Acharya, Under Secretary, MoPR

5. Pramananda Ghimire, Section Officer, MoPR

6. Ruku Sharma Paudel, Section Officer, MoPR


Development of Victim Assistance System for Victims of Wars and Armed Conflict

Country:  Japan

Date:  1-30 October 2013

List of Participants

1. Gahendra Bahadur Dangi, , Under Secretary, MoPR

2. Durga Prasad Bhushal, Section Officer, MoPR

International Exposure

Country: Thailand and Laos

Date : 2070 Baishakha 8-15 ( 2013, April 21-28)

List of Participants

1. Dependra Nath Sharma, Joint Secretary, MoPR

2. Sadhuram Sapkota, Joint Secretary (Law), MoPR

3. Binod Prasad Acharya, Under Secretary

4.Til Bahadur Thapamagar, Under Secretary (Account)

5. Laxmi Prasad Pyakurel, Under Secretary

6. Gahendra Bahadur Dangi, , Under Secretary, MoPR

7. Krishna Prasad Adhikari, Account Officer

8. Hari Prasad Chapagai, Section Officer

9. Madhav Prasad Sharma, Section Officer

10. Arun Pokharel, Section Officer

11. Bal Krishna koirala, Section Officer

Labour Market Core Course

Country: United State of America

Date: May 6-17, 2013

List of Participants

1. Deependra Nath Sharma, Joint Secretary, MoPR

Mine Action Training 

Date: 3-10 September 2011

Country: Combodia

List of Participants

1. Under Secretary Gyanendra Prasad Dhakal

2. Section Officer Madhav Prasad Sharma

3. Section Officer Parmanada Ghimire

4. Section Officer Bal Krishna Koirala

5. Section Officer Ram Chandra Koirala

Impact Evaluation Training

Country: Bangladesh
Duration: OCT 9-14, 2011 

List Of Participants:

1. Under Secretary Bharat Prasad Acharya

2. Section Officer Ram Kaji Khanal

3. Engineer Subash Kumar Shrestha

Development of Victim Assistance System For War and Armed Conflict
Country: JAPAN
Duration: NOV 6-14, 2011 

List Of Participants

1. Joint Secretary Shankar Prasad Pathak

2. Under Secretary Arjun Kumar Sharma

3. Under Secretary Shivaram Neupane 

 Leadership Development Program supported by UNDP under the NCPD component of APPN Project

Date: 10-22 September 2010

Institution/Country/Location: AIT Bangkok Thailand, Band Ache, Indonesia

List of Participants:

  1. Mr. Deependra Nath Sharma; Joint Secretary MoPR
  2. Mr. Jaydev Shrestha; Joint Secretary MoPR
  3. Mr. Sharad Chandra Paudyal; Joint Secretary (PMO Office)
  4. Mr. Brihaspati Raj Pant; Joint Secretary MoPR
  5. Mr. Kedar Neupane; Joint Secretary MoPR
  6. Mr. Ganesh Prasad Upadhyaya; Divisional Head ( Relief and Rehabilitation Unit) MoPR
  7. Mr. Naresh Prasad Dhakal; Under Secretary MoPR
  8. Mr. Dhruba Gaida; Under Secretary MoPR
  9. Ms. Sobha Pokharel;Section Officer MoPR
  10. Ms. Goma Devi Dhakal; Section Officer MoPR
  11. Mr. Rambhakta Shrestha; Senior Director NASC