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शान्ति तथा पुनर्निर्माण मन्त्रालय

फोन नं. ४२११५५०, ४२११०८९, ४२१११८९

Audio Notice No. 1618 01 4211097
वेभः www.peace.gov.np

Who Is Who

S.N. Designation Name Division/Section Contact no
1 Secretary Mr. Krishna Raj B.C. Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction 01-4211189
2 Joint Secretary Mr. Relief and Rehabitation Division 4211176
3 Joint Secretary Mr. Rishi Raj Bhandari Legal and Communication Division 01-4211178
4 Joint Secretary Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai Administration Planning and Evaluation Division 01-4210083
5 Joint Secretary Mr. Ganesh Prasad Wasti    
6 Joint Secretary Mr. Hari Prasad Pandey    
7 Under-Secretary Mr. Prakash Acharya Administration Section  
8 Under-Secretary Mrs. Sudina Kuikel    
9 Under-Secretary Mr. Dhruba  Pd. Poudel    
10 Under-Secretary Ms. Mira Acharya Relief and Statistics Section  
11 Under-Secretary Mr. Peace Process Coordination and Evaluation section  
12 Under-Secretary Mr. Durga Prasad Bhurtel Local Peace committee Coordination Section  
13 Section Officer Mr. Rajesh Khadka    
14 Section Officer Mr. Janak Prasad Bhandari Administration Section 01-4211550
15 Section Officer Mr. Manhari Baral Informaton and communication section  
16 Section Officer Mr. Peace Process Coordination and Evaluation section  
17 Computer Officer Mr. Informaton and communication section  
18 Section Officer Mr. Relief and Statistics Section  
19 Section Officer Mr.Gyanu Kumar KC Administration Section  
20 Section Officer Mr. Dinsesh Neupane Rehalbitation Section  
21 Account Officer Mrs. Uma Bhattarai Account Section  
22 Section Officer Mr. Birendra Maharjan Informaton and communication section  
23 Section Officer Mr. Rajesh Maharjan    
24 Section Officer Mrs. Sabina Koirala    
25 Section Officer Mr. Krishna Raj Regmi    
26 Engineer Mr. Ramashish Saha